About Me


I am a writer and editor who is committed to producing quality work. I love to write, and I love to read. So that’s why I write and edit. I love a great story, which is why I love writing features, but I’m equally happy writing or editing marketing copy. I have written features for Sunday Life (SMH & The Sunday Age), Relax Magazine (Canberra Times), Essential Kids (Fairfax Parenting website) and Nature & Health magazine.

I have strong attention to detail and take great pride in my work. I get a thrill from seeing my clients succeed through the work I help them with. I have a business background in research and marketing, having worked in many capacities in marketing and in research, and have strong experience editing proposals and final reports.

This marketing research experience has been complemented with working in a top-tier corporate law firm, in the marketing team. My time in this role helped me distill my love of writing and editing, which intuitively followed with the role of Editor & Writer for Dawtek Business & Technical Writing.

I now combine my work at Dawtek with freelancing, and specialise in writing blog posts, feature articles, staff and personal bios, website copy, and plan to expand in to travel writing and photography. I love what I do, it keeps me sane and makes me happy.

I have an Honours Degree in English (La Trobe University) and a Masters’ in Editing & Communications from the University of Melbourne.

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